Sunday, January 18, 2015

Boundary less Laundry

Yatra Naaryatsu Poojyante , Tatra Ramyate Devtaa !
Gods dwell, where the ladies are worshiped. This is a well-known but now a days totally forgotten, Sanskrit Shloka

In ancient India, the ladies had equal status in home as well as in society. We have learned about Gargi, Maitreyi, Ghosha, Lopamudra etc. in history. But as of today, the ground reality about women and how they are treated is totally disheartening. 

There's always a debate raging on about how media depicts women, how women are stereo-typed. In Hindi films women are either glorified as goddesses ( mothers / sisters / wives )or ridiculed as vamps ( bar-dancers / mother-in-laws etc.). Women are never shown as normal human-beings. The Bollywood biggies justify their stand with,"our films mirror, what's happening in the society. We make movies based on the real situations." The social workers, leaders say movies corrupt the mindset of people by glorifying the out-dated traditions, old mindsets, gangsters, feminine modesty, inhumane sacrifices etc. 

Post-independence, the male-members of the family worked outdoors ( agriculture/ industry or service sector ) to earn money, so they were treated as  the providers. Female-members remained indoors to do house-duties and to look after the children . In those days only rich could afford maids for household chores like scrubbing, cleaning, washing clothes etc. The middle-class and poor women had to do the tedious chores of cleaning, washing in addition to nurturing the children. In those days , joint family system was prevalent so these burdensome, laborious chores were jointly carried out by all women-members of the house.

Freedom and Education broadened our mindsets. The social reformists such as Savitribai Phule , Maharshi Karve fought against social strictures to educate women and assimilate them in main stream, to build a strong, independent nation. In modern days, both males and females are educated, both work outdoors, Indian constitution has given equal rights to men and women .We embraced western culture , joint families disintegrated into nuclear families. 

But the old patriarchal tradition still lurks in Indian males. They think of themselves as providers , as owners and treat the women as unpaid bonded labor. Indian males want educated wives to earn income for the family and simultaneously the women are forced to do cleaning , scrubbing, laundry etc. Every member of the family eats food and wears clothes. Both men and women work outdoors to earn the livelihood, then why scrubbing the utensils and washing the clothes is considered a woman's job ? 

Is it just nonsense? No. It's much more than that. Expecting and forcing women to do laundry is the height of male dictatorship, chauvinism, laziness, and selfishness. It's a fact, 77% of Indian men depend on women for doing their laundry. Majority of Indian men ( 76% ) feel that laundry is a woman's job. This pervert feeling provides them with idiotic pleasures such as watching TV. More than 2/3rd of Indian men prefer to watch TV than to do the laundry.

There are solutions for every problem. Gender equality, in all aspects must be taught since childhood in school as well as in family. The parents must treat their sons and daughters equally. Both must be taught the dignity of labor. There must never be the classification of any duty as in this is a boy's duty and this is a girl's duty. The children learn fast through examples, they love to follow the footsteps of family-elders. The mother and father both should inculcate the values of gender equality, dignity of labor and family bonding in their children. One more practical solution for happy laundry is a good detergent like  Ariel  which doesn't harm hands and removes the dirt effortlessly. 

Here's a two pronged solution : Either each and every family-member ( except babies and senior citizens ) must do their own laundry, or every family member must be assigned a day, on which he/ she will do laundry of whole family.
That day is not far ahead , when there won't be any boundary for doing laundry. Every Indian will willingly do his / her own laundry.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thunder BOLT

Give me Red BOLT

Thunder Bolt or Lightning strike is a sensation , a human perceives  when confronted by an extremely beautiful object, such as BOLT.

Killer Looks ? If looks could kill ? No ways . BOLT has Blessed looks. Love at first sight is possible ... absolutely ... totally ... devastatingly ... possible with BOLT .The basic silhouette is so strikingly stunning that it's impossible to not to love the BOLT

The superlatives, adjectives are inadequate to describe the ritzy, high-tech, ultra-modern, turbo-powered, exclusive, uber cool, futuristic persona of the BOLT from Tata Motors. My nephew Aamen went CLICK-CLICK-CLICK , when he spotted this RED Beauty , in it's full glory at the Oberoi Mall.

This is my Thunder BOLT

" Enough of this fan-frenzy, Give us a solid data, ground reality , to justify your superlatives and adjectives " ... I know this is what my hardcore readers are muttering under their calculated breaths. Your wish is my command ....

Thunderous applause 1: (Modern Engine and high performance) BOLT
 is available in both the petrol and diesel form. The petrol variant features new turbocharged unit. The 1.2 litre Revotron motor produces 90 PS of max power and max torque of 140Nm is offered from a lower 1500 rpm up to 4000 rpm. Driving ability is impressive while turbo lag is minimal and the feel is similar to compact sedan. The 5-speed transmission offers positive and smooth shifts. The fuel efficiency is better.

Thunderous applause 2(Infotainment) BOLT has the touchscreen infotainment system developed in partnership with Harman . It consists Bluetooth connectivity with voice integration, SMS read outs, touch operated AC controls and a picture viewer etc. The stereo has eight speakers with good audio output and clarity. Bolt also has video playback and navigation . Video files stored on the SD card can be played anytime. Navigation function uses the Android phone's built-in GPS and a MapMyIndia app  with four years of free service as well as offline maps.

Thunderous applause 3: (Safety) BOLT XT variant can handle sudden braking or tight corners, with its latest 9th generation ABS( Anti-lock Braking System ) by Bosch with Corner Stability Control ( CSC ). This improves braking efficiency. Dual airbags are also offered for enhanced safety. The improved chassis and softer suspension maintain a better balance between ride and ground clearance. The suspension absorbs potholes and rough roads comfortably resulting in smooth ride. 

Thunderous applause 4: (Space) BOLT is quite tall due to raised height. Cabin is spacious. Foot room, Knee room and headroom are big. Tall passengers can sit comfortably in the rear, which has a firm seat and fine headroom. Shoulder room is also on the higher side. Three adults can sit quite luxuriously in the rugby back seats. There's a handy cup holder in the center console. It has 210 liters boot space. 

Thunderous applause 5: (Sports , Eco , City Modes) BOLT's Multi Drive function allows us to choose between three driving modes. There is a considerable enhancement in the performance and comfort attached to all 3 modes i.e. Sports for a burst of power , Eco for unmatched mileage and City for the perfect balance. These modes offer excellent, relaxed and comfy ride-quality in different situations. 

All these five Thunderous applause plus the Glitzy Glamour of aerodynamic panels with the jutting shoulder, signature grill with piano black background, smoked projector headlamps, a floating roof effect, stylish vinyl layer, a chrome garnish on the tailgate, all-black interior, well-shaped air vents, dashboard layout and partly silver-finished steering wheel with nice grip ... make me eager to #GetSetBOLT ... 

My lucky-charm , my BOLT-band. And yes I have marked out the parking space for the new BOLT that I am going to win. 

I am sure after reading this post , you all are struck by the thunder BOLT. Now the only solution is possess the BOLT, Get Set with the BOLT , so here's the Online Registration  

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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Life was a FUNtastic roller coaster ride. I was enjoying it with healthy appetite 
of a growing child.  I was studying in one of  the  most prestigious school , 
where overall development of a child was more sought after than  mere studies.
I liked to study regularly cause I loved the heady feeling of getting highest 
marks . Yes , that spirit was instilled in me since time immortal, ' you are the
best, you have the talent , aim for 100 percent , you will get it.'

Studying, reading story-books And playing were all crammed in 24 hours. And 
still I craved for more. One of my school friend had an American pen-friend, 
whose class-mate wanted an Indian pen-friend. I started penning voluminous 
letters to her describing my days full of school-realities, fictional-stories and 
adventurous games. But soon the novelty of an American Penfriend faded out.

And I started wishing for a German penfriend. I loved German cars like 
Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Ford , Mercedes, Opel etc. I satiated my
hunger to own them by collecting their info, stats, pictures and stickers. I tried
to share my German-cars mania  with my friends but they were like 
"OK fine, can we afford the  Ford ? Ford is not for us, so forget it". And I was
like ... afford ... Ford ... for ... forget ... wow ! this sentence is so rhythmical.

My wish was fulfilled through a neighbor. He had a business associate in
Germany,  whose daughter, Diana was pining for an Indian penfriend. Diana 
was fascinated by what she read about Indian art, culture and colorful festivals.

They say 'Pen is mightier than sword' AND I say 'Pen is more Constructive, Expressive
and Sustainable than any weapon' . The plain Pen connects the people across 
cities and countries alike . My Pen-friendship with my German Penfriend Diana 
proves it.

In the late '80's , the Internet was not common , so the only affordable 
means of communication for school-students like me was Airmail-Letters for
Pen-Friendship. It was considered Uber Cool in my school to have 
penfriends from Foreign countries. We the schoolmates had at least 2 
or 3 penfriends from UK, USA and USSR. AND I was the only one having 
a German Penfriend. The letters I received from Diana were put up on
our school notice-board, to encourage other students.

Our teachers thought, if we cultivate this hobby of Penfriendship, our 
writing skill will improve tremendously. Our teachers' vision was right.
AND ,We loved writing letters, exchanging foreign stamps, stickers and 
birthday gifts with our Penfriends.

My pen-friendship with Diana flourished throughout high-school
and college. In the school Diana was trained to be a gymnast and 
as she grew up she realized her true passion, modelling. Her mother,
a hair-stylist encouraged her to transform into a graceful model. At 
present Diana is a famous model in Germany.

I AND Diana realized our AND , what about yours ? 

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BookWorm to Author

" Books , Books everywhere ... to read , BUT... not a single one written by me " ... that was the sad story of my childhood. Our home was showcased wall to wall with thousands of books by eminent authors. My father had collected and read thousands of books since his childhood. Naturally , I was a born bookworm. My uncles used to tease me "Just because Dada ( their elder brother, my father ) has such a huge collection of books , you are lucky to get this golden chance to read these jewels of books , sitting comfortably at home . BUT...  what's your contribution?.“

In the school , the same story repeated, the teachers would expect series of book-reviews from me, to be posted on school-Lit-boards for the students. I would oblige quite grudgingly. This is not my destiny. I was absolutely sure , I was not born to be a reader or reviewer. I used to dream ... about a wonderful thriller, with ritzy cover, which adorned " SUJATA TAWDE " at the top in large gold lettering , occupying more than half the cover a la SIDNEY SHELDON . How Magnificent ! I hardly cared , for what would be in between the front cover and back cover, for I was 101% sure that my novel would be a Blockbuster , a Record Breaker. 

I began by telling imaginary stories to my school friends, but it failed miserably cause there were no plots. I was totally dependent on impromptu improvisation. Next step was to write down the plot and characters in a rough book, with a vague story line , which gathered strength and momentum as I went on weaving sub-plots and secondary characters.

My neighboring friend was just 4 years older and 4 times superior in every aspect. She guided me tremendously , whenever i encountered the villainous writer's block. My mother encouraged me with " You are a born author ,you have learned story-writing in womb, just like Abhimanyu learned Chakravyooha ". What gigantic confidence, the mothers instill in their daughters' , Take a flight ... Sky is the limit  ! If not for mothers , the daughters would have been just females born to serve. 

AND , my mother's confidence , trust in my talent worked miraculously. My first story, 'Empress Rules' neatly written on a deluxe note-book wrapped in a red velvet scarf was first offered to goddess Saraswati by my mother and then presented to school principal for 'Bal-Jagat' ( our school-magazine ). She praised it and published it in Bal-Jagat. 

And from being just a book-worm , I chrysalis-ed into an Author ...  AND .... the story continues...Special Thanks to my friend And my Mother for the great support And grand faith in my ability. 

Last but not the least , today I am an avid reader AND an Award-winning Journalist.

I realized my AND , what about yours ? 

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


             Our social organization had organized a big Career-fest. There were flurry of primary discussions with various dignitaries, institutes, clients, students, professors, sponsors etc. The chief of Organizing committee, P.R.O. Mr. Sagar was constantly busy on phone chalking out the meetings with them all. He had not met many of them personally as it was the first time he was organizing a career-fest. 

             Sagar Sir was a charming smooth talker ,so naturally everybody , with whom he had a phone conversation , was eager to meet him personally. Sir's hospitality was legendary so he invited them all one by one for a personal meeting in our office and arranged for high-teas. 

              The first to arrive for a career-fest meeting was Prof. Ms. Dixit of Mumbai's most chick college. She had promised to assign a few of her talented students for the volunteer committee. I was spellbound when Prof. Dixit entered the cabin after a gentle knock on cabin-door. 

               Had I been either Ranveer or Arjun , I might have whistled ' Tune maari jo enteriyaan ...' . But alas I was a lady P.R. Coordinator working for a reputed social organisation , so I had a strict decorum to observe. I managed to contain my enthusiasm in an ear to ear smile. " You are most welcome ma'am. Sir would like to have a select few students of your college on volunteer-committee. Now, Sir will finalize the details about honorarium " , I was alluding the professor Ms. Dixit, to discuss that with our P.R.O. Mr. Sagar .She refused to even look in his direction after a cold " Hello Sir , how are you ?" 

             Sir was sitting in an executive chair facing us both, listening with baffled expression on his Shravan-beard face. After a few minutes of uneasy silence ,sir passed me a note regarding the honorarium and I discussed the same with Prof. Dixit. She agreed to all Terms and Conditions promptly and happily. But she left Sir's cabin without a customary tea. The ever hospitable Sagar Sir felt a pang of rejection. If only it had not been the month of Shravan, Sagar Sir, would have been Gillette-shaven. God alone knows, what would have happened next ... 

              Shravan is considered a holy month in the Hindu calendar. Many Hindus practice vegetarian diet. Some people don't cut hair in this month while a few don't shave at all in the Shravan. Our P.R.O. is among those few sporting  Shravan-beard. 

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Melbourne Menu

             My dear readers, I am going to be your hostess and present Melbourne to you as an exquisite 5 course dinner, which I am sure you will enjoy to the fullest. You have 2 options. You can have it a la carte ( Visit Melbourne-Tourism Victoria website) or table d'hote ( Come Alive in Melbourne videos ) ... with me. 

             We have crunchy , tangy Pani Puri for starters. Melbournians' warm , joyous spirit is infectious. City is not just the art, architecture and infrastructure but also the citizens' culture. Melbornians are accommodating and possess large hearts. They mix up genuinely with foreigners, without any inhibitions. This is totally evident in the following video.

                               Why George Columbus loves pani puri  

For the main-course we have richly rich history .Let's revel into the golden past of Melbourne, which is literally GOLD, with gold-mining history. Melbourne is founded by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawker. Governor Bourke named it Melbourne in 1837 after the then British Prime minister William Lamb, 2nd  Viscount Melbourne. 

Gold was discovered in 1851 and the resulting gold rush transformed Melbourne. The accelerated population growth and the enormous wealth of the goldfield ushered in the era known as Marvellous MelbourneMelbourne was the national capital of Australia from 1901 to 1927. In 1956 Melbourne hosted The Olympics. In 2003 Melbourne was named as a UNESCO City of Literature.

            I am sure all of you enjoyed the historical main course. Now it's time for the present. Melbourne hosts the majority of Australia's contemporary festivals , thrilling world-class events, art-culture-music shows etc. Tourism is a major industry. Have a look at what makes Melbourne Australia's second largest city  modern , commercial-financial center, cosmopolitan, elegant and chic ... the most livable as well as lovable city in the world. 

Next on the platter is ' Melbourne in 1 word - Awesome ' which consists variety entertainment for all in the family. Thrilling experience of the Great Ocean Walk, Melbourne Cricket Ground, different types of Australian wildlife, especially Penguin parade at Phillip Island, Cruising the streets of Melbourne and enjoying delicious meal in the Colonial Tram car restaurant, Hot air ballooning , Segway-rides, wonderful vineyards of Yarra valley, crossing the West Gate Bridge for amazing view of the Melbourne city. 

              Finally it's the time for nutty , sweet dessertsLet's fall in love with Melbourne as Shantaram did with our Mumbai. *Shantaram is a blockbuster novel by a Melbourne-born author Gregory David Roberts. He got addicted to heroin when his marriage broke. He was a convicted bank robber who escaped from prison and fled to Mumbai, lived for ten years as a fugitive. He established a free medicine clinic for slum-dwellers. Simultaneously he worked as a counterfeiter, smuggler ,gunrunner, and street soldier for a branch of the Mumbai mafia. Recaptured in Germany, he served out his sentence there and in Australian prison. After his release, he established a successful multimedia company, and since the publication of Shantaram, he is a full-time writer. 

            In 2003 G. D. Roberts wrote the novel 'Shantaram'. The novel is a smashing hit all over the world in general and Mumbai in particular for it's in your face portrayal of fast n furious life in Mumbai. The book's name Shantaram is derived from the name his best friend's mother gave him, which means "Man of Peace,". Shantaram loves Mumbai as his own so it's quite natural to reciprocate the love with Melbourne. Shantaram has literally given his blood and soul for Aamchi Mumbai.

            Do we have any other option but to fall head over hill, in Love with Melbourne? There is so much common between Mumbai and Melbourne. I wish Prime Minister Narendra Modi declares Melbourne as the sister city of Mumbai. It will promote cultural, commercial ties, foster friendship, understanding between different cultures, and will encourage trade as well as tourism.

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Contest ends on 5th Jan 2015 
Please answer in a comment box.

Thank you all for participation. Heartiest Congratulations to D.Nambiar for winning the Melbourne Menu contest. Kindly inbox your contact details by tonight.

*Reference : Wikipedia- Shantaram

Saturday, December 27, 2014


    Itani shakti hame dena dataa, mann ka vishwaas kamjor ho naa !

                Hum chale nek rastepe humse , bhoolkar bhee koi bhool ho naa !

              The morning school prayer was over and the first period was in full swing, when we reached the school. The peon led us , latecomers to the Principal's cabin. We were six in all, we the Pandav ( gang of five school girls ) and a boy from other class. The boy was quite infamous for his bluntness. He blurted that , he was half way to the school and suddenly he could not control his bowel movement , so he had to return home. He even had a sweet excuse for his rush. He had eaten 2 Besan-laddus. The principal scrunched her nose and asked him to join the class. We were fascinated by the boy's story but did not dare to repeat it for obvious reason.    

               " Just give me one reason ,why all five of you are late in school ? It must be because of one. Who is that one ? Why was she late? The lunch was not ready ? Was she so engrossed in studies that she lost the sense of time ? Just because the fault of one , why four others should suffer ? This is not fair. Just tell me who is the defaulter and her reason. The remaining four can go in the class." our principal was angry with us Pandav  for being 15 minutes late in school but she had not raised her voice yet. 

                Instead of scolding us she was actually giving us an option , to tell an excuse. All 5 of us were searching the floor-tiles for an inspiration to whip up a lie, which could be acceptable and cool her down. The problem was, only one of us, Pappyaa had guts to utter a lie in front of the principal and she was baffled by Principal's sympathetic approach. 

                Cigarette! Yeah the real reason for our late was cigarette-packets , which we were collecting for a contest organised by a famous cigarette brand. We were supposed to send 50 ( 10 * 5 Pandav ) empty cigarette-packets to the company's HQ with an attractive slogan as a contest entry. The prizes were very enticing eg. cycles , school bags , calculators , encyclopedias , chocolate-hampers etc. The real dampeners were our fathers. None of them drink or smoke so we had to collect the packets discarded by other's fathers.   Our mission cigarette-packet-collection had gathered momentum and we forgot about mundane school timings. 

                " Girls, you are wasting time. Either YOU yourselves tell me the reason for late or I will send letters to your parents demanding the same." That was an ultimatum, cause we could not face our parents with our cigarette-packet-collection. We repeated sorry, sorry  but the principal was adamant. Our self-appointed leader Pappyaa deserted us in the crisis and kept mum. 

                Suddenly , the most modest among us Pandav, Sandhya broke the silence with " Madam , we are extremely sorry for being late. This won't happen again. We will throw away the cigarette-packets collected till now so that we don't have to collect the remaining. From now onward , we will concentrate only on studies. This is a promise." The principal was saucer-eyed-speechless , breathless for a whole minute as if she could not fathom what she was hearing. 

             " Cigarette ? My students roaming the streets, collecting cigarette-packets ? How could you ? How ... dare you confess such insanity? Go home , Send your parents "- the principal was shouting so loudly that the teachers from adjoining staff-room barged in. Why , oh why Sandhya had to be such a righteous Mahatma Gandhi ? It' super-duper-hit to do a Bapugiri in Munnabhai , but in the real world it's FLOP. 

              Sandhya held her fort with " Madam , please pardon us only once. We will be model students henceforth. We promise to study so hard, that you will invite our parents for annual felicitation." That grandeur promise combined with Sandhya's honest demeanor won Principal's maternal heart.

             Are you still wondering , whether this is a true story or a fiction ? Would you like to know , what happened to that girl , Sandhya ? Well , her door boasts of the nameplate : Dr. Sandhya Kadam ( M. D. )  

Kitna DUM hota hai na sachchai mein.

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