Saturday, May 28, 2016

Asian Paints Celebrates World Interiors Day

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The same story ... but if its recited in Colorful, vibrant, picturesque, hearty tone ... then it becomes mesmerizing, fascinating and is loved by the listeners time and again.

" Har Ghar kuchch kahta hai, Apna mood dikhata hai ... Asian Painted ghar Aashiquana hota hai... "
The same home when painted, decorated by Asian Paints  becomes a cherished heaven. 
How ? Seeing is believing, so do visit and check out Asian Paints Color store on Hill road, Bandra yourselves.

Asian Paints’ signature store, Bandra celebrated World Interiors Day with a unique movies-inspired workshop on interiors. The Colour Store in Bandra was set up by Asian Paints with the aim of educating consumers and interior décor enthusiasts on colours and designs as well as how it can change their space. The store invited renowned Film Production Designer, Shruti Gupte to host an exclusive workshop on how to draw inspiration from homes and office spaces designed in popular films.

 Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’, theme was conceptualized for this Colour Store initiative. It offered consumers the unique opportunity to bring to their homes, the look and feel that they love, admire and aspire for, from their favorite films. The brand is determined to encourage consumers to take that leap and be experimental and creative with their décor choices in a aesthetically practical manner

Asian Paints hosted this informative workshop with leading Bollywood Production Designer Shruti Gupte who designed homes and interior spaces in films such as ‘Aisha’, ‘Taare Zamin Par’, ‘Khoobsurat’, ‘Lunch Box’, and others, Shruti possesses a deep understanding of the style and sensibilities of the modern-day consumers. Through examples of her films, she covered various aspects from designing homes of characters in movies, to tips on how consumers can use designs seen in movies as an inspiration while decorating their homes.

Production Designer Shruti Gupte shared, “We as consumers need to make ourselves the heroes and heroines of our own movie scripts. Colors and textures are not to be feared but embraced as part of our personality. Our personal and professional environments are an extension of our personality and should inspire our days, help create memories or convey our aspirations. If the movies take inspiration from our reality, then why should not we allow those reel-ties to become our reality? It's a simple decision to step out of our comfort zone and experiment. 

Asian Paints Color Store allows us to realize our dreams before we choose to make it permanent" ...added Amit Syngle, President-Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints Ltd. “From sharing insights on how to choose the right colour to offering firsthand experience through interesting DIY activities, we have always strived to engage consumers on painting and décor through events and activities at the Colour Store. Since films are known to inspire us in many ways, the Colour Store has collaborated with ace Production Designer, Shruti Gupte, for World Interiors Day to bring inspirational home décor ideas from the silver screen to consumers.”

For those who are always looking for new ideas to do up their personal spaces with all that’s in vogue and colorful, this workshop at Asian Paints Colour Store, Bandra proved to be inspirational and experiential in equal measure. Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s largest and Asia’s third largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs. 141.83 billion. Asian Paints operates in 19 countries and has 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world servicing consumers in over 65 countries. Asian Paints has always been a leader in the paint industry, pushing new concepts in India like Colour Idea Stores, Ezycolour services like Home Solutions & Colour Consultancy and Colour Next trend forecasting.

The main idea behind this bloggers meet is to create awareness about the stores and communicate that the Asian Paints color store arranges events / workshops on design ( home / office interior decor ) for consumers so that people who are interested can reach out and be informed about future events.

Come ... Join ... Let's celebrate #WorldInteriorsDay with #Asian Paints         #ColourStoreBandra

Here are the social media links of Asian Paints to keep us updated about their latest range , events , workshops etc : Twitter ,  Facebook , Insta , YouTube 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

U & Us Home Design studio

U & Us living in a harmony is the very essence of human life. 
How does it positively impacts our lives and how's that possible ?.

 On 21st May, We the lifestyle bloggers were invited by U & Us Home Design Studio and Esha Gupta. founder , Design Pataki for a discussion about 'Celebrating Craftsmanship with the use of Technology' followed by a workshop on DIY interiors 

U &Us Home Design studio celebrates Craftsmanship with Esha Gupta-Design Pataki

We were hosted at the exclusive U & Us Design Studio ( R-City Mall, Ghatkopar ) for a tete-a-tete with renowned designers, for co-creation of our space with the in-house designers.

The panel discussion consisted the following Masters of Design: Krsnaa Mehta, Founder of India Circus Ronitaa Italia Dhanu, Editor of GoodHomes Architect Rooshad ShroffEsha Gupta, Founder of Design Pataki
U&US Home design studio from Godrej works on the unique concept of involving customers in designing the furniture and interiors solutions for their dream homes. Today’s consumers are tech-savvy, living fast lifestyles and value the buying. The process of getting home furniture and interiors done is often tedious, cumbersome, laborious and time-consuming. Customers face a daunting task on deciding on furniture lay outing, designing, material selection etc. 

At U&US Design Studio they have eased these pains by helping customers perform all the related activities in a very simple way. The entire journey of the customer is activity based. At their recently launched studio all these activities are brought alive with the aid of various digital stations created in an innovative manner.

Inside U & Us Design studio - Rotating wheel with miniature home models are enticing.
Touch screen in the center of wheel helps play the U&Us concept film and customers can browse through previously Exploration Wheel. Mood board selection is done by customers which helps the designer understand the customers' tastes and styles.
2 D room layout is done by customer on the touch screen followed by layout with the help of miniature furniture model placement activity (customer can scan layouts/work on ideal layouts)
The layout created can be visualized in 3D.

“Color Visualizer” is a station where the color scheme selection of the home is done by the customers themselves. (It’s a unique technology which being patented by U&Us)
This fun based activity helps customer shortlist on the various colors schemes of their home interior elements like wall color, laminate, fabric, Wood polish & flooring with the help of hexagon shaped color cubes.
Customers have a choice of going ahead with a preset color scheme formulated by a color expert or can customize according to their taste and choice.
State of the art 3d visualization software helps the customers visualize their own homes, take walk through inside the rooms.
Customers can still edit things in real time (eg. Color, furniture placement etc) if they feel like before finalizing the details.

Proto typing area is a station where customers can create low fidelity models/ proto types with paper, thermocol etc to explain any concept / design which they are not able to express through Prototyping area. So unlike any buying experience, U&Us has created a unique customer-centric, playful experience for the customer to co-create his dream home. U & Us wants the consumers to play an active role in making their signature home dreams come true. With co-creating their own customized furniture enabled by innovative, experiential technology.

Design Pataki is a curated online magazine, online store & design lab. Their design sensibilities and aesthetics are resonated through their online store. They ensure each product sold has been checked to meet the high standards of quality control. They strive to give us brilliantly designed products at the best prices. Their only goal and hope is for every piece from them to somehow form a small part of our life.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Majestic Mango Feast at Rajdhani

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I am a Mango Maniac. Just the word, the sight, the tantalizing aroma of ripe Mango makes me go crazy in anticipation of it's ambrosial sweetness. Please don't kill me just yet for being so narcissistic cause I am going to make you more ecstatic with the Mangolicios Majestic Feast at Khandani Rajdhani ( Phoenix Market City, Kurla )

At the entrance of the Rajdhani ( Ek Khandani Parampara ) , We were greeted in a very traditional Indian way with a flower full ,Pooja thali , Chandan tilak and led inside by the manager. What followed was an authentic,  Royal Banquet! It started with washing hands in a brass basin, by the warm water poured from a brass Suraee (I almost refused to do this but had to co-operate). Refreshingly cool, sweet & sour Kairi-Panhe or Mango Lassi as per diner's choice.

Usually , when we go for a restaurant review, we chat, we eat, we take lots of pictures-breaks for every new dish. And that day being Sunday there were lots of diners rushing in big groups of family / friends , so we had to concentrate on tasting a bit faster than we usually are accustomed to. Check out the House full Rajdhani and its palatial decor

Statutory warning : You must fast for a day before entering Rajdhani, or you won't be able to do justice to the Royal spread that appears majestically in a spectacular thali, The attendants keep on refilling every bowl , as soon as you finish the first portion. Let me try to recollect the infinite preps I tasted... 
Chana chaat, Paneer Aalu, Ker Sangri ( Rajasthani special vegetable ), Aalu matar, Mataki oosal, Aam Kadhi, sweet & sour Mango Dal dhokli, Dal Bati , Vegetable korma , Rajsthani khichadi ,soft, fluffy Mango Ring Dhokla, Dahi chaat  , Kairi Chilli samosa ( I wish I had an extra stomach, just for this crispy, yummy prep ), Raw Mango Pachdi , Mix achar , lasoon chutney , Mango chhoonda , Aam bhare Papad roll, Koordai , Aam ras-Poori, Aam ki launji  Moong Dal Halwa , Mango Jalebi  , Choorma ladoo ...  

Many say, never visit a bhatarkhana ( kitchen ) of a restaurant or you will never dare to eat at that restaurant again. And here at the Rajdhani, the diners are actually invited to visit their spacious, clean , hygienic kitchen to view the cooking process. I particularly loved how swiftly my favorite pooris puffed , the fulkas rolled and roasted. 

You may visit Royal Rajdhani for Mango Festival feast till 16th June.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dil Maange More ... Cafe Mangii

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" Dil Maange More ... of Cafe Mangii " cause, we had another lifestyle event to attend on the same day within half an hour. We hardly had any time left after clicking pics of Cafe Mangii ( Powai ) to taste the famous Continental , Italian cuisine.

And the splendidly hospitable staff of Cafe Mangii, would not allow us to leave without tasting a few preps. It was such an exciting fun clicking pics, chatting with the manager, all the while sipping the creamy Cappuccino alternating with munching on French Fries

Here's the Earthen hued, Natural-feel decor pics of Cafe Mangii


I will be writing a detail blog-post about Cafe  Mangii ( Powai ) after reviewing it's perfect Pizza ( featured in Gourmet Pizza collection ) , Pasta and desserts ( much appreciated Chocolate fondue ) .

We started and finished off with freshly pressed Orange juice (without any preservatives, not even sugar ), frothy, foamy, milky Cappuccino in a mod-art mug. I loved the diluted Indian version. Crispy, juicy French fries and Potage Parmentier soup ( Creamy leek and potato soup  garnished with crispy, roasted Spinach ) 

According to dineout " Café Mangii is an all-day premium casual dining restaurant offering an epicurean slice of Italy with scrumptious delicacies from breakfast to gourmet burgers, exotic wines and music in a warm and intimate ambiance, blending exquisite tastes and aromas with contemporary style." 

Luckily for us , Cafe Mangii is located at the main road , so we could manage it on our way.  It has pleasantly cool  ambiance inside as well as outside, alfresco dining area.