Saturday, November 22, 2014

Celebrate the Diva In You

                   Cent-Percent marks to you all for guessing this right. I won this Gift-Hamper from MarksAndSpencer  as a winner of Facebook contest by MarksandSpencer  at Infinity Mall - Malad .
                   I had participated in "Celebrate the Diva In You" contest . My winning entry was as follows : 

Sujata Tawde Marks and Spencer India The fragrance " Bohemia " evaluates my dashing persona of being a true blue journalist . My sense of power-dressing for the prestigious conferences / interviews gives me immense confidence makes me feel like a Diva forever and ever 

                   Next , I received the invitation :

Hi Sujata,

Congratulations on winning an exclusive invitation to celebrate the Diva In You.
The event will be a special Live Talk Show hosted by the gorgeous Tisca Chopra, dedicated to expert advice on lingerie, beauty and most importantly, the Diva in You.
Date: 15 November 2014
Time : 1 p.m.12 noon
Venue: Marks & Spencer Lingerie & Beauty store, Infinity, Malad West
Feel free to bring along a friend or a family member with you. This invite is valid for 2 female guests only.

See you there!

Warm regards
Team MarksandSpencers.

As soon as I entered MarksAndSpencer Beauty store, I was greeted by these lovely girls. They draped a 'Celebrate-Diva-In-You' satin-sashay around my shoulder, instantly transforming me into a beauty-pageant.

The whole store was decorated as if Diwali's 1st day. Even the mannequins, the assorted cosmetics were accompanied by Lilies of the valley. I was ushered towards a flower-decked dais.

 The fashionistas  in the audience were exchanging pleasantries with each other. Some were sipping the sparkling vine, while others were guzzling Orange / Pineapple juices. The waiters were serving horse-devours on a loop. Overall the whole atmosphere was that of a friendly-get-to-gather in a stylish bistro. The Bar-setup was sky-rocketing  the chic-quotient.

The MC started the event with a rapid-fire-Q-contest. Ms. Preeti won the gift-hamper. Next rapid-fire round was won by Ms. Smita. The audience applauded for both Diva's.

 Now the star hostess Ms. Tisca Chopra took the center-stage. She interacted with Dr. Vinu Kriplani about various beauty treatments. Dr. Vinu gave solutions for the numerous skin-related problems of audience.

Beauty-Expert Ms Jharna Shah's whole persona was so enchanting that gorgeous Ms. Tisca gushed 'Hi Jharna , you look like a super-model. And then she proceeded in revealing quite an interesting beauty-secrets-tips for the eager audience.

                   All of us got a free make-over from the beauticians of Jharna Shah beauty academy. We feasted on tiny cup-cakes, cheese-balls, beetroot-sweets, toast-sandwiches, real-fruit juices and last but not the least ... sparkling vines. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forever Kid

                It's the lunchtime and my office-colleagues are thumping the conference table to the beats of 'Char bottle vodka' , while I am busy rhyming ' Five Little Monkeys' to the same tune . It matches oh... so effortlessly. I am sure Honey Sing... sorry YoYo has got the inspiration from my old-mate-monkeys. 

                 We , the resident-imps of Mithanagar Colony always danced our way to glory on the beds. But alas , our mothers misinterpreted our delicate dance steps as 'Break-d-Bed-in-advance'. No wonder then, our favorite Karaoke-lyric was " Five Little Monkeys "

.... We started off with five little Pinkies ( girls ) dancing to the tune of the title song of the then famous TV serial 'Hum Paanch' . We deliberately tickled each other , to lose balance and fell off the bed. As soon as one of us fell down , we used to shout 'Four little Pinkies jumping on the bed'.

                 This game lasted till the last Pinky fell off the bed and then we used to holler 'Let those Pinkies break the bed'. All the while we made sure , none of us got injured or else...   

                 .... Now my office colleagues have changed the track and they are joking about the famous dialogues in Bollywood movies. And the crown goes to ' Aaj mere paas gadi hain , bungla hai ... Tere paas kya hain?' . One smart alec answers 'Mere paas tera CR hain'. 

                 This again takes me down memory lane ... We had this big, green-grassed Municipal Playground, which we treated as our first home. As soon as we returned from school, we used to stuff the lunch hastily so that we can rush to the garden. 

                 We had divided the ground in parts as if we were the landlords. The real game would start, once we had decided on which part, belonged to whom with which trees and animals. Just to showoff our living-stock wealth , we would mimic different animal-sounds eg. quack-quack , moo-moo, bow-wow etc. Here the nursery rhyme "Old MacDonald Had a Farm " came in handy to show of more and more animals on our farmlands. 


           Many a times we would impersonate different animals and fight among ourselves to show off our strengths. Thanks god, I mean mothers for feeding us healthy home-made food. We enjoyed out-door games and loved natural surroundings.

" This Blog post is a part of the T-series Kids Hut activity at BlogAdda "

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Healthy child makes a Happy Home

                Happy Home is not just the posh bungalow  made up of marbles, located at the beach but the Family that lives happily forever in it.

    Happiness is the result of holistic Health. Health of the whole family , especially the children is most sought after by all of us.

                We Indians respect our elders and love our children to the fullest. We care for our children's health with utmost sincerity. 

    This Big bundle of JOY arrived at home on 23rd November, 2001 and since then our home has become Heaven on Earth. Our happiness is a God's blessing, so we named him Aamen, and nick-named Moonnu.

                Our children are so precious to us that we call them Sonu , Sona , Raja , Rani etc. Naturally their well-being , their health is our first and foremost priority. As soon as the pregnancy is announced , the mother is showered with love and care in double dose. Taking care of child's health starts with the onset of pregnancy. The expectant mother is given all sorts of nutritious food , vitamins , calcium , iron supplements etc. That's when Dabur Chyawanprash comes in picture , to guarantee the overall health of mother and child. 

                 The mother-to-be is given enough rest as well as exercises .The maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through physical, mental  and social well-being. We improve their health via exercise , sleep and a healthy body weight . Clean water and air, adequate space contribute to good health, especially to the health of infants and children. Scientifically, genetics play a role in determining the health status of individuals. That's why the health of Mother and Father is an important factor contributing to the child's health .

   One more health issue is malnutrition. It mostly affects young children. We feed Milk, Fruit-juices, porridge, soups etc. to children to keep them well-nourished. Healthy food guarantees healthy body and mind to our dear children. We massage them with olive-oil and bath them with ayurvedic-ubtan made of Sandal, Turmeric powder and Besan. We Indians adorn the cheek of our lil-one's with Kajal-tikka to ward off any evil-spirit. 

          Our whole life-style changes according to the child's. We get up early in the morning, so that we can devote more time to child's daily-routine. The KadiNimb pattas are soaked into the child's bath-water for increasing his immunity. The Nilgiri / Eucalyptus oil guards the children as well as adults from common cold. Pure coconut oil is applied on the head for black , silky hair. Shikakai , Amla , Ritha mixture is boiled for washing the hair. Everything natural and pure for our precious child. The Dhoop , Camphor are burnt to make the home-atmosphere fragrant and germ-free. Our home is transformed into a Mandir ( temple ) as befitting a newly arrived celebrity-baby. The whole family dances to the tunes of baby's whims and fancies. 

   The toothless smile of baby brings infinite joy to our lives. A single tear in baby's eye throws us into despair. The one and only solution for our family's happiness lies with our baby and so we take all precautions to keep our baby healthy. 

                This post is written as a part of " A Healthy child makes a Happy Home " activity with IndiBlogger and Dabur  

                               ( Pictures of my nephew Aamen clicked by myself )

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be a Fan of Garnier BB

           My first memory of cosmetics is of the Johnson baby-powder. My mother re-bathed me with that powder after the daily bath of water. I must have crinkled my nose all those times. Still, I like Johnson baby powder's unique clinicy-soapy fragrance as it is associated with my darling niece and nephew's childhood memories. 

           Primary-school days were filled with the ever familiar Pond's Dream-flower talc. I loved it's sweet rosy aroma, especially when used by my mother and aunt. But I felt suffocated with the powder on my face, as it left me sweaty and uncomfortable within a few minutes of going out in sun.

           This is the history of my relationship with cosmetics. I loved the smell/ essence/ fragrance/ aroma of quality-cosmetics when used by my near and dear ones but hated to use them myself.

           Last month I complimented my friend Priya for her lovely glowing complexion. Priya being my BFF, shared the well-guarded secret of her lovely glowing complexion. She had recently started using Garnier BB Cream and everybody including her daughter and neighbors have noticed the positive effect.

           I decided to break my fast of Cosmetics and use Garnier BB as my skin has been throwing some major tantrums now-a-days. Before I start with my looks, let's start with Garnier BB (Beauty Benefit )'s looks.

So what exactly is Garnier BB, in short ? At the introductory offer of Rs. 99/- , What does it offer me and my skin ?

Thank God , I mean Garnier BB, for feeling so light, smooth and clear when I squeeze out a small dollop of it on my palm. The first Feel and Smell of Garnier BB are refreshingly welcome for my senses. It's love at first sight, smell as well as feel. What more can I ask for? I am already loving it even before applying and waiting for the end-result. 

How on earth Garnier BB manages to be so naturally addictive to make a fan out of someone cosmetic-skeptic like me ? 

Garnier BB is made up of active, pure, quality natural ingredients. It is dermatologically tested to ensure respect to all skin-types. 

What is the perfect way to apply Garnier BB and how to get the most out of this Miracle Skin Perfector ? 

Every day, since knowing Priya's Beauty-secret, I first wash my face thoroughly with water. Wipe it dry with soft cotton napkin. I apply tiny dots of Garnier BB on my face and neck eg. forehead , above eye-brows , tip of nose , cheekbones, chin , earlobes etc. and rub it gently in light circular motion from middle of face outwards on perfectly clean skin.

Garnier BB brightens, smooths and moisturizes my skin. It is an All-in-one daily moisturizer that instantly beautifies my skin and spreads evenly for a flawless finish. It's light and comfy texture blends perfectly into my delicate skin. It's a new generation of skin care. It combines multiple beauty routine steps in one and saves time. It is enriched with natural ingredients like essence of Cherries, Bilberry extract which helps firm skin and Ginger which boosts the natural process of skin's regeneration.

So , How do I feel like after using my Daily All-In-One Moisturizer ? Any wild guesses ?  

Since then Garnier BB is my BFF ( Best Friend Forever ) and I want to share it with you all , my lovely friends.

This post is written as a part of contest held by  IndiBlogger with Garnier / L'Oreal India PVT. LTD.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

CelebrateBlogging with #SMWMumbai

                                          TrendSetting #SMWMumbai 

             I was gearing up full throttle for #SMWMumbai, by participating in Social Media Week Mumbai Facebook contest. And as you can guess by my previous blog-posts Special @Social  ... I won that.

   Now , you must be wondering , why I was so eager to attend #SMWMumbai ?
           What's all this hullabaloo about? ...

             Social Media Week is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. The mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information.
              SMW was held simultaneously in 11 most happening cities of the World. The cities were Berlin, Chicago, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Mumbai, Rome, Rotterdam, Sao Paolo and Sydney
       The city theme for SMW Mumbai 2014 was " Social Media For Social Change "
                                  The focus for SMW Mumbai 2014 :
        Social StageTracks covering social media’s impact on social change. (politics, public accountability, urban development projects, CSR projects, social entrepreneurship impact).
         Pioneers stageTracks focusing on trends and opportunities in social media technologies, agency initiatives, corporate directions, internet of things, connected economy, big data ,analytic, security, privacy of social data
          Social horizontal in vertical growth: Social media application in verticals specific businesses : Healthcare, e-commerce, retail, fashion, gaming, music sharing, media, marketing agencies, sports, entertainment, education, lifestyle businesses, fund raising, the world of community economy.

           Startup Stage
Tracks focusing on showcasing startups and entrepreneurship opportunities powered from and on social media.
           The  Event Formats were : Class, Demo, Google Hangout, Keynote, 
Multi-format, Networking Mixer, Panel Presentation, Showcase and Workshops

           Social Media Week-Mumbai gave the perfect exposure for learning, sharing and collaborating ideas and  knowledge from professionals and experts from various fields.

 So, How was the scene at the venue Novotel, Juhu Beach, Mumbai for #SMWMumbai ? 
               The most magnificent Flower-full welcome for #SMWMumbai-delegates

                   The mission, "Trend #SMWMumbai" has been in progress since few months. It succeeded, bang on as #SMWMumbai stood 1st among the 11 Worldwide cities including Berlin, Chicago, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome, Rotterdam, Sao Paolo, Sydney where #SMW14 -SocialMediaWeek was held.
                    The Twitteratis were the real super-stars of #SMWMumbai. They made it trend with passion and back-breaking hard-work on the very 1st day , 1st show with elan. 

                      Germin8, a Big Data analytic company focused on helping understand and act in real time on the gazillions of conversations by the stakeholders, was Social Media Partner of #SMWMumbai

Oh ... Yes. It's me at the l.h.s. down-corner among the top 15 Twitteratis  Roshan Gupta , Nikhil MakwanaNitesh Mishra , Amit Panchal , Manish PandeJeevan Kesavan , Kavita Parmar , Jigar Gogri , Tejas Jinaral , Arun Yedery , Zayne and Sujata Tawde who created Big Buzz at #SMWMumbai .

The Novotel , Juhu beach's star-studded set up, dazzled the audience with it's spectacular grandeur and brilliant sessions choc-a-block with luminaries from numerous Social Media-fields.

Yellow Seed , the Official Content Partner of #SMWMumbai organized an unique, impromptu Speed Blogging contest , which made the participants go crazy at the keyboards with high adrenalin rush.

The most applauded session was, The key-note by Rohit Varma-Co-Founder and Managing Partner of R Square Consulting 

The various sessions conducted on 1st day :

 1. How Social Media is changing India ? 
2. Winners have product strategy, losers have social media strategy.
 3. Are brands effectively using social media? Are they too focused on volume instead of value? 
4. How social media converts us an inspires us.
 5. New age flight club, Social media, Disruption and Viral.
 6. Tell me a story 
7. True Wandered
 8. Common 2 Uncommon
 9. The future of now : connecting the dots between the virtual and real worlds
 10. Has social media changed the face of political campaigning- US vs India scenario .

My Goal :Gaining the Gyaan, achieved 100%. So what if my stomach was burning with severe acidity! It's not everyday that you can survive on snacks for Pure Passion of Social Media .

 It was time to head home. The swaying palms at Juhu Beach bade us, "See you soon at the 2nd Day of #SMWMumbai  ".

The Twitter Analytic photo is shared from the Facebook wall of Germin8 

                       This post is written as a part of #CelebrateBlogging activity with BlogAdda 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DUPLICITY : Chapter 13


Team : Writers’ Express (Round 2)

                              Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 78 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Writers'Express Logo
Logo courtesy – Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli
                                     Read the previous chapter of the story here : Chapter  12

"Mamma, let's go to Infinity Mall tomorrow. It has Planet Infinity and Hamleys. Many of my school mates go there every Sunday. It will be Grand FUN, when all 4 of us go there and enjoy various rides." Roohi.

Cyrus and Shekhar thumbs-uped Roohi's suggestion. Tara pulled Roohi's cheeks affectionately. Tara pampered Roohi, to the hilt. She had become a bit more possessive of Roohi, since the Bhabha-Hospital episode. It had been an order of the 'Dutta' family, to take sundry decisions regarding leisure, entertainment etc. according to Roohi's whims and fancies.

That night Roohi ate her meal without making any fuss about vegetables. The dinner turned out to be rather chirpy affair, with Roohi's constant chattering about tomorrow's Infinity-picnic. Her infectious spirit altered the mood of whole household. Within no time all 4 of them were chit-chatting infinitely about what to do, buy, eat, drink, which movie to watch and which rides to choose at Infinity.

Finally, they all wished good night to each others and went in their respective rooms to finish their night-chores. Tonight Roohi did not need daddy to tell her a bed-time story. She had lots of dreams to dream about tomorrow's picnic. Going all the way from Hill Road-Bandra to Infinity-Malad, was picnic indeed for Roohi. She had series of dreams, where she was Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow-white etc. etc. Shekhar could not sleep, till he checked on Roohi's happy, contended face in her bed.

Roohi, was the first to get up early that morning. She burst into Mamma's bedroom with " Good morning, Mom, Dad. Get up early or we will be late and traffic-jammed." Tara and Shekhar followed Roohi's order to the t. Next Roohi rushed to wake up her late-riser Kumbhkarna uncle Cyrus. Cyrus was neither a Mom nor a Dad, so he refused to obey Roohi's order in the beginning but then a better sense prevailed and he also rose from his slumber.

Freshly bathed, hastily breakfasted, uniquely dressed up Dutta family left Hill Road Residency in their Ford Fiesta. Shekhar andTara were chatting about coming election while Roohi and Cyrus were discussing rather fighting about which movie to watch at the Cinemax ?

Thankfully, there was hardly any traffic early in the morning so they reached Infinity mall quite comfortably. Everything was happening so soft and silkily that nobody could have guessed , what fate awaited them in near future .

  On the ground floor of Infinity mall, the Duttas could not resist the inviting flavor of freshly brewed coffee of Costa Cafe. Costa's open booth enabled them a surrounding view. 'Hobby Ideas' - the art and craft shop, opposite Costa was Roohi and Tara's next destination. Roohi's craft-teacher had assigned an Environment day-collage project, which was to be submitted within 2 days. Papers, pencils, colors, glue stick, glitter, beads, laces, dry weeds, colorful satin ribbons etc. were purchased and paid for.

Tara was fond of doing artistic gift-wrapping for her near and dear ones. Her favorite cousin's wedding was still a month away but she wanted to do some fancy gift-wrapping for the assorted gifts she had purchased. 'Tresorie' , was Tara's 1st choice, when she wanted exquisite stuff of top-notch quality. Here Tara went berserk, loading her shopping basket with numerous eye-candy artifacts such as silk-scarves, Velvet boxes, zardosi laces, handmade paper bags, organdy flowers, potpourri etc. for wedding trousseau. 

Shekhar and Cyrus finished their large cappuccinos and joined them at Wrangler's to shop for Cyrus. Tara purchased 3 shirts and 2 trousers for Shekhar at Louis Phillippe to wear at the different ceremonies of her cousin's wedding, ignoring his protests. At Mango, Tara bought 2 western outfits for herself and 2 Midi-frocks for Roohi. Her wedding shopping could not have finished till she bought 3 stilettos for herself, 2 ballerinas for Roohi from INC-5 and 2 crystal-studded clutches from Esbeda. All the while Tara was making her pesky choices, Cyrus was getting restless, Roohi was fretting about joy-rides and Shekhar kept calm like a Buddha statue.

Roohi started running on the escalators to reach Planet Infinity. Shekhar had a hard time coaxing her into slowing down. Cyrus intervened with " Roohi, if you don't behave yourself, mamma won't allow us to watch the movie". Roohi's 1st stop was at Video game machines, where she played car-racing, finished on 4th position, twice. Her favorite slot-machines gulped down her 500 credit points within no time. Tara joined Roohi in bumping cars arena with unbridled enthusiasm. Shekhar and Cyrus cheered them. At the bowling alley all 4 made such a hungamaa! 

What the Duttas did next ? Hold your breath, fasten your seat-belts and join them in 'Astro Express'. Yesss, that's a show-stopper-ride, a 360 degree roller coaster, with tracks winding around the gigantic play area. The ear-splitting sound it blasts, is horror-terror for the ears. Roohi and the rider-kids went wild with excitement as the ride zoomed up and down the tracks, with alarming speed.

Tired and thirsty, Roohi was now craving for Pepsi or Sundae Brownie. Tara and Shekhar , both refused to give in to her foolish demand so she settled for MOD's chocolate donuts. Shekhar and Cyrus gorged on Masala Dosas and Medu Vadas from Malgudi Days, while Tara sipped the mineral water. Once satiated, Roohi wanted still more rides, but Tara's strict NO cooled her down. They rested for a while. Tara and Roohi joined the on going Origami workshop at Hobby Ideas. Cyrus was carrying his laptop in a backpack as usual, so he and Shekhar went at Starbucks for WiFi and coffee.

Cyrus was looking out for a comfy corner to settle in, when Shekhar spotted his Hillroad Residency neighbor ," Hello Aryan, how do you do? This is Cyrus, our erstwhile PG turned family-friend. And Cyrus this is Aryan Ahuja, our neighbor. He is an excellent Table-Tennis player, just like you" called out Shekhar to a surprised Aryan. He was having coffee after a Table-Tennis match at nearby Goregaon Sport club. Aryan Ahuja, a Punjabi man with lean, sporty physique exchanged a warm, friendly smile with Cyrus. Shekhar further informed Aryan that Cyrus is a budding criminal lawyer , an avid fan of crime-serials and possess the nose to smell out the culprit. All this Shekhar-talk impressed Aryan to the core.

Aryan invited them both to his table and proudly chatted about his TT-match, played and won that day. Now it was Cyrus's turn to get impressed by Aryan's TT-talent. He requested Aryan to teach him some TT-strokes. Aaryan accepted Cyrus as his student kindheartedly and asked him to join their society's Sports-club for TT practice, every morning. Cyrus was excited to learn from a pro like Aryan. Till then, Tara and Roohi had finished the Origami workshop and were ready to return home.

Aryan had ridden on his new KTM Duke, while coming to the Goregaon Sports Club. He offered Cyrus a ride back home and that was just the beginning of their fast friendship. Soon Cyrus started frequenting Aryan's home so much that Roohi hardly found him free to study and play with her. Tara who still had some doubts about Cyrus's odd behavior preferred his proximity to Aryan. She kept a close watch on Cyrus and sometimes found his activities somewhat suspicious. She wanted to make sure, before spilling the beans about Cyrus to shekhar. She needed full-proof evidences before accusing Cyrus of anything at all. She made it a point to inquire after Jennifer's well-being, whenever Cyrus received a call from her.This irritated Cyrus very much and he started avoiding Tara, by staying outside as much as possible. Resulting in Aryan's home, being his 2nd home. It became easier, less riskier for Cyrus to call Jennifer from Aaryan's home. To solve Maya's murder mystery, it was essential for Cyrus and Jennifer to remain in touch, constantly.

And they lived happily ever after ?

keep reading the 14th Chapter to find out ... what next

Read the next part of the story here : Chapter 14

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”