Monday, March 24, 2014

Starwood CareersDay @Westin Garden City , Mumbai

Starwood Careers Day @Westin Garden City - Mumbai

The Guest Relations Executives in uber-cool black t-shirts and blue jeans greeted us with dazzling smiles at the very entrance of Westin-Garden city-Mumbai.

At 9 a.m. sharp on Friday morning , the registration kiosks were houseful with career-aspirants eager to join the esteemed Starwood Asia-Pasific.

Once the registration was done , the candidates were treated to assorted coffees / Veg cheese grill sandwitches / Chickem patties / Veg Patties etc. in the lobby. The lobby was transformed into entertainment zone , full of video-games , dart board , wi-fi-laptops to give the feel of Starwood's great tradition of hospitality.

The rejuveneted candidates then made the beeline for inauguration ceremony on the cool green outdoors.

The Inauguration ceremony made the atmosphere all starry , sparkling for the hopeful candidates.
 The glamour of the Starwood still glittering on their crisp business suits , the candidates , were ushered into the opulent conference room of Westin Garden City , Mumbai.
 The Sr. Training & Development manager showcased Starwood's glorious history , achievements and various fantastic career options .

The candidates were highly impressed with Starwood - The Great place to work with , to Grow with , which cares for its Associates , Guests , Business as well as Community . Starwood is a Gold Winner in 2 categories : 1. Excellence in cross border HR Programme  2. Excellence in Employee Engagement.

Monday, March 17, 2014

SPARK - an exclusive business - workshop @CRITI

SPARK - an exclusive business workshop @CRITI

SPARK an exclusive workshop focusing on business and market opportunities from Criti had unique concept, loaded content, great guides and superb management.

The ice was broken with 'The 6 things I like most ' - Housy game, which encouraged the participants to interact with each other as if they were regular classmates enjoying a school picnic.
The next session - game about celebrity interview made the participants to converse in German, Chinese and Arabic randomly. The interviewer and the interviewee were supposed to become foreign language specialists within few minutes. The audience enjoyed the comedy show immensely.

The momentum to achieve the success was set through such highly entertaining / educating games by Master trainer Mr. Arun Chitlangia Sir and the famous image-consultant Ms. Greeshma Thampi.

Arun Sir and Greeshma Madam shared the knowledge , tips and winning fundamentals about how to 
1.Strike lasting business relationships through powerful First-Impression and immaculate business etiquette.
2. Read your customers' minds by reading their body language.
3. Inspire trust through Presentation and Public Speaking with confidence.
4. Leverage business opportunities in Info.Tech. by Retail & Hospitality with CRITI.

At the end of SPARK-workshop , in '3 minutes-CEO-the Role playing game , the participants were almost at the boiling temp , when Arun Sir evaluated our respective presentations.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Global Round Table @Tata Communications & @ABIS

 Global Round Table @Tata Communications & @ABIS

The Global round table invite for March 7 , 2014 made me go round and round , around the Bandra-Kurla complex as there are so many Tata group's offices in the vicinity.

Ms. Divya Anand - Asia Head- Corporate mkt. & comm. - Tata Communications , acquainted the attendies with the high definition Telepresence room's gadgets.

The Globalround table's mood gathered momentum as the participants from London , Brussels , Johannesburg , Shanghai , Paris , New Delhi , Mumbai and Singapore got video-connected .

Once the formal introduction of leading acdemics and corporate business leaders of the world was over , the thought provoking discussion veered toward the opportunities and challenges that Gen-next leaders need to consider.

" Leadership & Technology " global round table's absolute focus was on the risks and opportunities related to the role of unified communications in promoting sustainable and more effective business models arond the globe.

Mr. Stephen Pritchard - Broadcaster & Journalist ( London ) , introduced and overviewed the discussion topic.

Ms. Rozzyn Boy - Global head of corporate

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Secret of Success , revealed @IndiaSMEforum

Reliance Commercial Finance presented 'Secret of Success' for India's biggest knowledge sharing platform for small & medium business owners and industrialists at The Westin Mumbai , Garden city. The participants got the exclusive opportunity to meet and interact with successful entrepreneurs , senior executives from banks , technology companies , stock exchange , rating agencies andventure capital firms on February 18th , 2014.

The various sessions , like 1. Financial Ecosystem for SMEs in India , 2. Managing growth and profitability , 3. Branding andreaching out to customers  , were informatie , educative as well as entertaining and motivating due to the luminaries from diverse fields.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Why this CODECHEF ?

CodeChef Mumbai Meet up - May 4 , 2013

I was supposed to be @CodeChef -  @DirectiPlex - Andheri ( East ) for the launch of " CodeChef for schools " at 2.30 p.m. ... but . It was 2.30 p.m. and I was stuck up @Home-sweet home.The Computer engineer had come to install the SOFTWARE in my new laptop , which came loaded only with DOS. " DOS " ? what is that ? my 11 year old nephew Aamen asked . How I wished that ...the Desktops , Laptops , iPads etc. come loaded with at least some basic SOFTWARE by default.... as in Instant ready-to-eat. Imagine buying the Desktop / Laptop off the counter , unpacking the Eco-friendly box , switching on and ... voila .. it's ready-to-Eat , I mean Operate . 

In the near future , I am sure when my nephew masters Programming / Coding  , he will be able to do just that " Ready-to-Operate Computers " . How's that possible ? Well that's where the " CodeChef for Schools " comes in the picture .

The ACM- ICPC ( Inter Collegiate Programming Contest ) world finalist from India believe that if there was a culture of Indian school students taking part at the IOI ( International Olympiad in Informatics ) , they would be exposed to programming for a longer duration and eventually their ICPC performance will also improve and bring India to the top. The evident solution to the problem at hand is to make it easier for students to start coding at a young age.

CodeChef for schools , the new initiative , aims to make it easier for students to start coding at school-level .
As a part of " Go for Gold Program ( schools ) "  CodeChef wants Indian students to win Gold Medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics . CodeChef will be providing ongoing scholarships , incentives , promotions , tech. assistance and training for Indian students.

The CodeChef Meetup session started with Q & A session , followed by speeches of Mr. Kunal Shah , Mr. Gaurav Munjal , Prof. Madhavan of the IARCS  , Video-conferencing with Mr. Bavin Turakhia - CEO .
This informative session ended with fantastic Maths-Quiz anchored by Mr. Shilp . Most of the participants / winners were either IIT or VJTI students , who enjoyed this part of the session the  most . 

I left at 6 p.m. . Next day when I checked the FB page of CodeChef , I was surprised to see the video link of Harlem shake. I wish I could have shoot that flash mob , and shared with u all. Better luck next time.

P.S. : The CodeChef do take it's title seriously. There were lots of assorted cold-drink-tins ( Cappuccino for me ) and delicious Samosaz delivered around by the uniformed waiters.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tech IT Easy : 2012 Tech Seminar : Harris Broadcast

Harris  Corporation , an international Communications & Info. Tech Company , founded in 1895 organized 2012 Technical Seminar on June 6th , 2012 in Mumbai's Four Seasons Hotel .

The Technical Seminar 2012 organized by Harris Broadcast ( Harris Corporation ) , started with Indigenous flavour ... sumptuous lunch from Four  Seasons . The light  , satiated mood of Tech seminar was rightly emphasised  & guided by the Anchor / Director Ms. Dora Zaidan .Instead of starting the Tech Seminar with tough-sounding hardware gizmos , the brain storming session was held by Mr. Anas  Abu Hantash . He explained ' Digital Asset  Management & News force Editing integration ' in a formal interactive style.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

AXN's 'The Firm' captures the Eye-balls

Your attention please ! Get your giant tub of pop-corns to remain glued to ‘The Firm ‘ , as it captures your Eye-balls , steadily.

Firstly , John Grisham‘s novel , ‘ The Firm ‘ is popular , Secondly , the Tom Cruise movie adaptation is even more popular due to Tom Cruise’s persona . AXN is premiering a television series, which is bound to be popular i.e. 3rd time lucky. Many of us know the story of ‘The Firm ‘. And the series by AXN has added another dimension.

Although AXN’s new John Grisham series is a bit slow, it gathers momentum.
As the series unfolds …. 10 years after McDeere has been in witness protection for taking down the Memphis firm of the original. The opening scene captures viewers instantly. Mitch is running for his life, chased by three nefarious suits through D.C. until Mitch tells Abby the code-red news: It’s happening again. All of this is set against the McDeeres’ determination to live outside of the witness protection program. But it soon becomes clear that the criminals Mitch crossed a decade ago have very sharp memories, and that is going to force changes in the McDeeres’ lives. In the end, Mitch has to make a significant decision about his career.

Mitch is an old-school, self-made hero, worked hard to graduate near the top of his class at Harvard. The Firm‘s straightforward, one-man-against-the-system story feels quite optimistic and cathartic. Common man lawyer fighting against Corrupt-system. Though not as handsome-hunk as Tom Cruise, Actor Josh Lucas’s intelligence shines through his cold-stares and inimitable body-language.

AXN’s legal thriller ”The Firm” is such a mind-blowing series , that even two hours seem like only one hour , in relativity . The viewers are spoiled for wanting still more.

All of us, Indians love the Amitabh Bachchan style black horse, fighting for truth and justice.

Tune in to the show on SUNDAY, FEB 19, 9 P.M., Action on AXN!!!